Looking at my own research it was clear i had identified the genre i wanted to do, following on from this i was able to look for similar designs that i wanted to complete.

I created this digipak using similar black and white tones that will inspire my final production. The front cover is very similar to the style I want to create and I think the font complements the style of the genre. digipack-new

After receiving feedback and further research and analysis of existing digipaks in my chosen genre, there are a few things that my digipak must feature in order to be as realistic and professional as possible.


This is an example of the copyright text that can be found on all digipaks. The logos at the bottom of the picture illustrate the sort of professional touch that I’ll be adding to my future product in order to improve its quality.

I like the font and was able to look at 1001 fonts and downloaded a font called Ostrich Sans.


It was at this point that I completely changed the basis of my digipak in terms of the colours and tones. Originally, reverting back to my first few digipak research posts/analysis, I just so happened to analyse three colourful digipaks (there was no specific reasoning for this). However, although the colours were effective and eye-catching, when working specifically to construct my own digipak based on my final production ideas, I believe that the bright, summery colours displayed on the digipaks I analysed did not represent/illustrate the conventions of my music video and chosen genre. As a result, because my video will be associated around an emotional break up story between two individuals, I have chosen to opt for/focus on black and white tones throughout my ancillary texts. I believe that black and white imagery will effectively capture the emotions of my artist (and the songs he represents) and complement the genre he falls into (indie pop).


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