Looking at my own research it was clear i had identified the genre i wanted to do, following on from this i was able to look for similar designs that i wanted to complete.


This is very similar to the style I want to complete. I like the black and white tones which really conforms to the genre. I have decided that, based on my previous research tasks where I analysed exiting digipaks/album artwork, my final digipak will be black and white.  Furthermore, double exposure work really complements the image of the performer and adds to the tone and look of the overall digipak. I really like the simplicity and modern font, which is clear, sharp and easily readable (which is extremely important when designing an album cover in order to catch the audiences eye).

I have been able to look at 1001 fonts and downloaded a font called Intro Cond. Intro Cond is very similar to the style and look I had in mind. I typed in ‘Narrow’, ‘Headlines’ and ‘Modern’ in an attempt to find a similar slick design to the font shown on the digipak above.


I then wanted to look at how to construct the black and white/image blending look in photoshop. After research, it became obvious that this style/technique is known as ‘Double Exposure’. Double Exposure is a photographic technique that combines 2 different images into a single image. After exploring online, I found the trailer/build up of the series ‘True Detective’ shared the style of double exposure I was looking for. Therefore, in development to this, I managed to find this tutorial  on Youtube which covers, step by step, the basis of this technique.

My final digipak will consist of similar tones and shades to the cover I made below. I have not yet attempted the tutorial but will do for my final digipak when I’ve taken the photos I need (with the artist used in my song). After studying other digipaks, it became obvious to me that simplicity is often the key to an effective digipak.


The digipak above is an example of a simplistic yet affective CD case from the band ‘The 1975’. Although their images used confront to a different genre, the general layout of the digipak is eye-catching and bold which is something I’ll attempt to recreate when making my final digipak.

By my second digipak, I was certain that my final piece will be black and white, feature images of the beach and seaside and involve the double exposure technique on the front cover. This ended up being the perfect basis and allowed me to finalise and confidently decide my idea for my final digipak.


The writing below the track list (which appears as long horizontal grey lines) is actually the essential copyright writing which is eligible due to the screenshot being too zoomed out.


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