After analysing ten different music videos of mixed genre and constant research within my chosen genre, (as seen by the 10 different research activities further down my blog) I have decided that I will not have anyone miming within my music video. As shown by my previous blogs/analysis it is clear that only 2 out of the overall 10 music videos feature any sort of lip syncing. This, along with research based around my chosen song and in depth thought, has confirmed my decision to make a purely narrative music video.

I think that this will work perfectly with my chosen song and because of the strength of my narrative idea, I don’t think any miming is necessary. Furthermore, my ‘Target Audience Survey’ conducted at the beginning of the year asked the simple question, ‘What’s more in important in a music video – Lyrics, Narrative or The Artist?’. 53.85% of those who answered chose narrative and 37.6% said lyrics. Subsequently, I’ll be basing the vast majority of my music video on the narrative aspect of my music video. As you can see from my TA analysis, from the start of my coursework preparation/planning, I was set on presenting a narrative based music video. Additionally, a total of 45.83% of people said they’d expect a love story and 20.83% would favour a break up. Evidently, both of these narratives (two most popular) were associated with love and relationships between two individuals. As a result of this, I’m basing my narrative on the same concept.

As a result, due to my analysis, development and personal decision on what I think will be most affective within my video, my final production will not feature any miming/lip syncing from my main characters.

This music video above of Charlie Puth’s ft. Selena Gomez – We Don’t Talk Anymore was my main inspiration for my plan and setup. For my final music video, I want to incorporate similar conventions and ideas as presented within this video as I think it’s extremely effective and ultimately worth watching. This video is a perfect example of how lip syncing is not essential within a music video in order for it to be effective. In my personal opinion, I believe that, for a song like the one I’ve chosen especially, the narrative is the crucial aspect of the music video due to the story created by the meaningful lyrics.

Although I didn’t have to audition individuals based on their ability to lip sync, I have focused that time into picking the perfect individuals to play the key characters within my video. This is extremely important as it makes the video more effective, personal and professional. My choices of characters and reasoning can be seen within my ‘Actors, Locations and Props’ post.


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