Evaluation Question 3 – What have you learned from your audience feedback?

EVALUATION QUESTION 3 from Iain McCallum on Vimeo.

Script Complete:

Throughout the course and the creation of my own music production, I have had many opportunities to receive feedback from various people that fit different demographics.

Firstly, my initial collection of feedback stemmed from a survey I created on Survey Monkey. I constructed a questionnaire consisting of 10 generic and specific questions that required various forms of responses so I had the ability to gain an idea of my intended target audience/demographic. I shared the link to my survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XCFLXY8) via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in order to get a vast array of potentially consecutive/useful responses. Ultimately, the set of responses I received shepherded me towards/provided the essential information needed to construct my ‘Actors, Props, Locations and Costumes’ post for my final construction. The feedback helped establish my prepossessed thoughts and game plan and in addition,  facilitated the development of my ideas for my final video with full self- assurance that my production would fit the needs/demands of my audience.

Once the initial research was completed, I progressed onto the specific planning/preparation for my final product. In order to distribute my finalised ideas/plan to the public and thus my targeted demographic, I designed a Storyboard with the aid of Photoshop (for specific colouring affects) which later developed/progressed into an Animatic that I posted onto Vimeo. These posts were not only affective in sharing my potential ideas and plan with my peers, evaluators and target audience, but were also advantageous in the fact that I had developed a clear image/illustration in my mind of what I expected/wanted from my final video. I shared both my Animatic and Storyboard with my friends and classmates in order to gain constructive feedback/larger perspective of opinions on my production. This was most effective because my peers had already carried out their own research/developed their own ideas on similar genres and therefore, they had a pretty good insight onto how I could improve my music video. Fortunately, I received many positive responses with a few constructive comments as well. Ultimately, it was the constructive/critical feedback from individuals, for example my teachers, that I payed the greatest attention to in order to develop/improve my final product. It was clear to many that viewed my product what my specific idea was and how it ought to develop.

Within the preparation phase of my ancillary tasks, I collected copious volumes of updated feedback from my teachers in order to hit/reach the conventions of realistic/professional and successful digipaks (thus reaching to our intended target audience) and artist websites associated with the genre I had in mind. My teacher suggested reducing the size of logos, adding in my artists signature to the inside of the digipak and moving some bits around (all of which I did to good effect). Using the photographs captured from the day of my photoshoot, I could successfully ensure effective fluidity and consistency in themes running throughout my various products. When researching the digipacks it was clear that in order to create successful album artwork, the photos needed to be harmonious. Consistent high quality photography ensured that my digipak looked professional and compelling. It was important that in doing this, I added a specific black and white filter to all of the photographs included so that the tone/shades matched one and other. Necessary logos where positioned appropriately including the Atlantic record label logo, compact disk and copyright text.

I researched and analysed various real, existing artist websites such as Charlie Puths’ Official, Catfish and the Bottlemans’ Official and many more (created a basis for my own Wix link). Thus, I strategically and effectively constructed a home, gallery, music, tour dates, store and biography page/link. Additionally, as seen just to the right of these tabs, the social media icons can be clicked on in order to gain a direct link to my artists personal site. I approached my media peers specifically in order to gauge an idea of their broad knowledge of conventions and thus find the most appropriate products that fit my specific target audience (individuals of their age and above).

Unsurprisingly, after distributing/sharing my first draft of my final production, I received countless responses that suggested that a lot of areas could be improved/strengthened in order to fit the conventions of my intended genre. After adding the black and white filter and various other illustrations, the feedback I received from my teachers suggested that my work was adequate/covered all the specific marking points to reach the top band. The feedback from my classmates constantly specified the effectiveness of my high quality photographs of my artist. My teacher for my ancillary tasks also suggested changing the positioning of my copyright text from along the bottom of the CD and positioning it along side the middle hole of the CD itself.

Post feedback associated with my preparation phase and first draft, I was able to knuckle down and focus specifically on the constructive criticism I had received and thus, improve my production. I uploaded my drafts onto my WordPress Blog and Vimeo account so individuals within my class and those of my demographic could view and comment further on my product (uploading my video to Youtube would break copyright regulations as I obviously do not own the song). It was crucial that I received constant/updated feedback so that I could develop my video into a product reaching my full potential. After the first draft, the feedback made it clear that in order to make the next draft better I needed to shorten specific shots within my video so that the audience did not lose interest into the overall narrative of the video. In addition to this, both my teachers and fellow peers suggested filling in the obvious blanks and missing sections and also suggested shortening certain clips down where my actor appeared to be ‘smiling’. However, generally, the overall feedback was great and many seemed impressed.

This constructive feedback led to the completion of my second, third and final draft, where I received only positive comments. I added in new shots that took advantage of my split screen effect, for example when my actor/actress walks from one side of the screen to another, filled in the gaps, shortened the highlighted/appropriate clips and then made my final ‘Magic Bullet’ edit. In conclusion, overall, the audience feedback I have received has helped me to produce the best possible outcome as you receive input from many people who all helped to make my media product the best it could be.

Evaluation Question 3 – What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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